Supplement material to talk by Oliver Schlotterer:

Loop level BCJ and KLT:
(i) abelian Z-theory:
(ii) non-abelian Z-theory:
(iii) semi-abelian Z-theory:
Elliptic generalization of multiple zeta values:

Some recent interesting papers:

Double copy, gravity amplitudes, UV behavior

Enhanced cancelations:
Generalized double copy:
Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes:
All tree-level YM BCJ numerators:
Loop level BCJ:
Flavor-kinematics duality:

Grassmannians, Amplituhedron

Positive geometries:
Yangian symmetry of Amplituhedron:

String amplitudes

Monodromy relations at loops:

Form factors

In twistor space:
Four-loop photon form factor:

Lecture notes

Infrared structure of gravity and gauge theory:

Please, send me the suggestions for other papers you find interesting to share