List of common acronyms used in our field. Please feel free to add more.

Acronyms for Theories:
  • BI: Born-Infeld theory
  • DBI: Dirac-Born-Infeld theory
  • EYM: Einstein Yang-Mills (gravity coupled with Yang-Mills)
  • GR: general relativity
  • N=4 SYM: maximal supersymmetric (N=4) Yang Mills
  • NLSM: the non-linear sigma model
  • QCD: quantum chromodynamics
  • SUGRA: supergravity
  • SYM: supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
  • YM: Yang-Mills theory

Acronyms for Amplitudes Relations/Formalism:
  • BCFW: Britto–Cachazo–Feng–Witten recursion relations
  • BCJ: Bern-Carrasco-Johansson duality (color-kinematics duality) or amplitude relations
  • CHY: Cachazo-He-Yuan formulae
  • KLT: Kawai-Lewellen-Tye relation

Acronyms for Amplitudes:
  • ELOP: book "The Analytic S-matrix" by Eden, Landshoff, Olive, Polkinghorne
  • LS: leading singularities
  • LS: Landau singularities
  • LLS: leading Landau singularities
  • MHV: maximal-helcity-violation amplitudes
  • N^k MHV: (next)^k maximal-helcity-violation amplitudes
  • SLLS: second Landau singularities